Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment in Pune

Experience pain-free wisdom tooth removal treatment in Pune with our expert team. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to relief! Get your smile back confidently. Efficient, gentle care awaits.

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3/10/20242 min read

Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment in Pune
Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment in Pune

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth, also known as the third molar, is one of the four molars in the human adult dentition. These teeth are typically the last to erupt, usually emerging in the late teens or early twenties. Humans typically have four wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant of the mouth—upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right. Wisdom teeth can cause issues such as impaction, misalignment, or crowding, often leading to the need for extraction.

Our patients frequently inquire about the necessity of wisdom teeth removal and express concerns about potential pain during the process. With a wealth of experience in surgically extracting wisdom teeth, our dentists prioritize the comfort of our patients throughout the procedure, making us the premier choice for painless wisdom tooth removal treatment in Pune.

During the procedure, patients experience minimal to no pain with the use of local anesthesia, though some opt for IV sedation for an even more comfortable experience. Following surgery, pain relievers are recommended, and our clinic ensures thorough follow-ups to facilitate a pleasant recovery from wisdom teeth extraction.

The incision typically heals within one to two weeks, eliminating the infection risk associated with impacted wisdom teeth. Choose us for a stress-free and painless wisdom tooth removal experience in Pune.

How and When to Take Out Your Wisdom Teeth

The most common form of damaged wisdom teeth is termed "mesial," indicating a forward tilt toward the front of the mouth. In cases where a tooth is impacted, extraction may be necessary to prevent potential gum discomfort, swelling, or intense pain. Wisdom teeth that have partially or fully erupted pose challenges for effective cleaning and are susceptible to dental decay, recurrent infections, and even gum disease.

Each patient's situation is unique, and your dentist will conduct X-rays and talk with you about your specific needs. When your dentist recommends wisdom tooth extraction, it is advisable to proceed as promptly as possible. Wisdom teeth are typically extracted during the late teens or early twenties, as the roots have not fully developed, and the supporting bone is less dense. These factors can facilitate a smoother extraction process.

Where to seek Assistance for Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment in Pune 

Discover painless wisdom tooth removal services at Dr. AWANTHIS Dental Clinic in Wadgaon Sheri, Pune. Our expert dental care extends to Kharadi and Viman Nagar as well. To schedule your appointment for painless wisdom tooth removal treatment in Pune, call us at 9658717111.